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Investing American Rescue Plan Funds for Transformative Change

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) is estimated to provide $15 billion to California K-12 school districts. The purpose of these funds is to assist districts with reopening schools, mitigating learning loss, and strengthening the educational program.

While approximately 20% of these funds are earmarked for specific uses, there is some spending flexibility regarding the balance that may allow your district to address long-term facilities needs in response to COVID, implementing classroom technology to leverage devices deployed for distance and hybrid learning, or enhance the educational program to restore academic progress. CFW is working with our clients to develop spending plans and exploring ways to leverage these onetime dollars into long-term investments to enhance the educational program through our facilities planning, State aid procurement, and financial advisory services.

CFW would like to partner with you to consider investments in which these funds may be used to further the vision and goals you have for your school district. We believe that this approach will not only address the program’s requirements but also improve educational outcomes that can have a lasting impact for your students.

For more information about how the American Rescue Plan may help your district, please contact Abel Guillen, Chief Policy Officer, or Janet Kliegl, Vice President of Educational Services at 510-596-8170.

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