Technology Integration

Technology has dramatically changed the environment in which today’s students will compete in an increasingly digitized world.  Pioneering school districts are taking steps to transform the classroom into an interactive learning environment that facilitates engaged and collaborative learning while preparing students for a workforce in which technology is ubiquitous. Recent technological innovations and a new generation of mobile devices deepen the importance of using “one-to-one” computing.  Providing students, teachers, administrators, and parents 24x7x360° access to digital resources, assignments, and assessments can facilitate a collaborative learning environment that encourages critical thinking skills necessary for future success.

State-of-the-art technology with minimal impact to the General Fund. CFW guides districts on strategies to provide a substantial and sustainable source of funding over a 12-16 year period that facilitates a refresh of technology corresponding to the useful life of most devices and peripherals.

Reaching greater scales of economy. CFW’s knowledge base and integrated approach  allows a district to scale the implementation of technology beyond pilot programs to district-wide deployments designed to transform learning for the digital age.

An experienced team. CFW’s partnerships with leaders in the education and technology industries, along with its successful track-record for managing the implementation of complex and multi-million dollar projects, provides districts with the best combination of educational technology specialists, planners, technical analysts, and financial advisers.

Support and training resources. Workshops, training seminars, and briefings are provided by CFW to connect district leaders to the latest information from their peers as well as leading technology vendors, easing the learning curve and facilitating the realization of classroom technology goals.  Executive management and user workshops are structured to enhance the conceptualization and implementation of a district’s technology program.

Effective planning and curriculum integration. CFW develops a customized scope of services focused on providing the District with a detailed integration and implementation plan that engages stakeholders, integrates and optimizes financing sources and technology resources, enables professional development, and aligns classroom technology usage with the District’s educational objectives.

“White Glove” implementation and deployment. CFW manages the process of technology implementation by assisting in the selection of professionals, negotiating with vendors, optimizing the use of bond proceeds and keeping the program on budget and on time.