State Aid

Since 1987, CFW has been assisting school districts in obtaining State aid to meet their facility needs. Today, the State offers a variety of programs to assist in the modernization and new construction of school facilities. Each has its own program and financial requirements which are periodically subject to modification. To be effective, a district must establish program eligibility, develop a strategy to maximize program benefits, submit all required applications and reviews, and comply with close-out requirements.

CFW provides a complete set of State aid services. From beginning to funding, we are there every step of the way.

Develop a strategy. Beginning with a review of a district’s eligibility for new construction, modernization, and other State funding, we develop a strategy to maximize available eligibility suitable to a district’s needs.

Submit applications. CFW will submit necessary applications and meet with State representatives as necessary to process applications, including the submittal of all necessary back up documentation.

Act as a resource. When needed, we will attend necessary informational and decision-making meetings, both locally and at the State, including OPSC and State Allocation Board meetings.

Creative Solutions. We are there when State program requirements often change in mid stream and require creative solutions to stay on course.

Our goal is to interweave State aid and local match dollars and requirements. Left to themselves, school projects can be difficult enough to construct and State aid requirements can often accentuate problems. Timing is often critical and CFW will ensure the process is as seamless as possible so that projects can be designed and constructed as planned.