Financial Advisory

General obligation bonds, certificates of participation (COP), bond anticipation notes (BAN), leases, Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs), Clean & Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs), Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCBs), and refunding bonds are all options by which we have successfully funded school improvements. Their use and requirements, however, should be carefully thoughtout. When it is time to issue your bonds, our scope of work is comprehensive and transparent when compared to others. Our job is to manage the process and to deliver the required funding within the parameters you anticipate and set. As a district’s financial advisor, CFW is there at every step and milestone to help.

Create a bond program that fits a district’s needs. We work with districts to create unique and innovative ways of optimizing the use of State aid, grants, and bonds to fund capital needs. We structure the size, repayment, and term of bonds to meet your needs.

Prepare the analysis. We eliminate the “Black Box” and demystify the bond process. We are your agent and provide a district recommendations concerning optimal repayment plans, tax rates, bond and maturity schedules, methods (negotiated vs. competitive) and timing of sale, credit enhancements, and appropriate interest rates.

Manage the Finance Team. We assist a district in the selection of each team member (e.g. paying agent, underwriter, and bond counsel) and negotiate fees, administer timelines and responsibilities, and size bond sales that efficiently meet a district’s needs.

Conduct the sale of bonds. Extensive experience allows us to determine fees and interest rates to be charged on bonds via a negotiated or competitive bid process. We seek a wide audience of potential buyers and track comparable transactions verified with pricing books to ensure that a district receives the fairest terms regarding the sale of their bonds.

Offer increased services and personal attention. Our fees are substantially more competitive than comparable firms. We have strong references and a proven track record of success with districts throughout California.