Program Management

A successful capital plan and implementation program requires leadership, a well managed team, and an integrated approach. The team typically consists of staff and required professionals, including architects, engineers, and contractors working together in a transparent manner to coordinate and manage assigned responsibilities and timelines. Our goal is to be your owner’s representative and coordinate the project delivery program per your budget, timeline and specification.

Manage the team. We assist in qualifying and selecting team members and negotiating necessary fees, scopes of work, and schedules. Thereafter, we manage team progress, quality, and performance through due diligence meetings, communications, and the assignment of timelines, responsibilities, and costs.

Create a plan that works. We review existing capital and financing objectives and projected facilities needs and alternate facilities implementation options. We team with the district to design a plan that works to better meet facilities needs, including proposed projects, timelines and budgets. A sources and uses statement is generated and cash flow analyses are conducted to stress test funding and expense schedules. A sequencing and course of construction plan is then proposed.

Implement the plan. We partner with the District in defining recommended projects for construction or modernization, projected sequencing, and in selecting methods for delivery of construction. We establish a program to be implemented, assign key participants, oversee construction team members, and carry out the direction established by the district. We attend necessary meetings to provide updates, present findings and recommendations, and to assist as needed in the delivery of the proposed scope of work.

Owner Representative. Our goal is to integrate the design, planning, construction, and financing required to get a project delivered per specification, budget, and timeline. Overall, we act as the owner’s professional representative and provide a transparent fire wall between policy and program actions. Our goal is to be there from beginning to end.