Master Planning

Some of the largest investments that a community makes are for its colleges. Modernizing existing facilities or constructing new facilities or campuses is resource and time intensive. To be effective requires a dialogue with stakeholders, an easy to follow and transparent process, and a genuine commitment to improving the education students receive. Planning is not only an outcome, but a process that must be embraced. Our services are state of the art and comprehensive.

Our master planning efforts focus on integrating a district’s strategic plan and educational master plan into a guide for the preparation of a facilities master plan. The objective of our facilities master planning effort is to develop a long-term plan that serves as a framework and guide for future decisions by a district with respect to educational programs, support services, and facilities and how those activities will function and resources allocated. Preparation of the educational master plan is undertaken to ensure the facilities master plan supports the strategic plan in consideration of WASC Accreditation Commission’s Standard One for Institutional Planning. We see the component pieces and their integration materializing through the master planning process via a transparent and open effort.

Strategic Plan. Planning is a process that must engender and create a strategic mission, goals, and objectives for a college and its stakeholders and constituents. Our goal is to establish a strategic plan that is easy to follow and endemic to the balance of the planning effort.

Educational Master Plan. Establishing an inventory of the current status of a college is important, but not a master plan. There is a need for an envisioning process that establishes the course for what the college is to become. An education master plan can be developed that reviews overall programs, educational objectives, directions, environmental and demographic impacts, and equally important goals for future programs.

Resource Allocation and Facilities Master Plan. Assessing current facilities needs and integrating the strategic and educational master planning effort into improving the functionality of individual facilities, the campus, and the district is the goal of our master plan efforts.

Public information process. CFW conducts campus, student community, and stakeholder meetings to review needs and proposed improvements in order to identify campus and community needs and proposed district solutions. Often the planning process is augmented with a preliminary poll at the outset to identify community issues, followed by a community survey at its conclusion to establish community support for proposed improvements.

Implementation Plan. CFW concludes with the preparation of a plan to guide implementation and decision-making that includes the assignment of costs, priorities, and timing into sequencing plan for capital expenses and tailored for anticipated revenues.