Bond Election Services

Having won over 200 G.O. bond measures, our strategy is simple. We use extensive data analysis and professional and volunteer resources to identify your supporters and educate voters about your measure. We reinforce supporters with direct mail, targeted phone calls, and specific methods to ease the act of voting. Our goal is to make sure your supporters vote and allow you to concentrate on meeting your educational goals.

We have a long history of winning. Beginning in 1990, we have been able to develop winning strategies for all our client voter approved needs. Whether it is a new general obligation bond program, a school facilities improvement district (SFID), a tax rate extension program, or a parcel tax, we have the documented experience to meet all your voter approved needs.

CFW uses state of the industry technology and techniques. We deliver a targeted message to your voters and make sure your supporters vote by mail or at the polls. We rely on proven techniques and refuse to use gimmicks that alienate voters.

Give us a group of dedicated volunteers and we will deliver a win on Election Day. We have reduced the volunteer commitment to two essential activities: gathering endorsements, and making the final push to targeted supporters on Election Day.

Our fees won’t break the bank. The majority of your fundraising dollars will be used to communicate with voters not to pay our fees. Moreover, we help you fundraise.

Let us help you. We provide a handbook of needed voter activities, lists, flyers and mailers and the blueprint for developing an effective strategy, budget and timeline. We deliver a victory without making you neglect your day job.