Community Colleges

Our  mission is planning and financing better facilities for California’s students. Today we serve over 140 districts with K-12 and community college services that include the planning of facilities, the design and implementation of local facility financing and election programs, the provision of financial advisory services, and the execution of program management and implementation services.

Master Planning

Some of the largest investments that a community makes are for its colleges. Modernizing existing facilities or constructing new facilities and campuses is resource and time intensive. To be effective requires a dialogue with stakeholders, an easy to follow and transparent process, and a genuine commitment to improving the education students receive. Planning is not only an outcome but a process that must be embraced. Our services are state of the art and comprehensive.

Financial Advisory

General obligation bonds, certificates of participation (COP), bond anticipation notes (BAN), leases, Clean & Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs), Builds America Bonds (BAB), and refunding bonds are all options by which we have successfully funded college improvements.  Their use and requirements, however, should be carefully thoughtout. When it is time to issue your bonds, our scope of work is comprehensive and transparent when compared to others.  Our job is to manage the process and to deliver the required funding within the parameters you anticipate and set.

Program Management

A successful capital plan and implementation program requires leadership, a well managed team, and an integrated approach.  The team typically consists of staff and required professionals, architects, engineers, and contractors working together in a transparent manner to coordinate and manage assigned responsibilities and timelines.  Our goal is to be your owner’s representative and coordinate the project delivery program per your budget, timeline and specification.

Bond Election Services

Having won over 200 G.O. bond measures, our strategy is simple.  We use extensive data analysis and  professional and volunteer resources to identify your supporters and educate voters about your measure.  We reinforce supporters with direct mail, targeted phone calls, and specific methods to ease the act of voting.  Our goal is to make sure your supporters vote and allow you to concentrate on meeting your educational goals.