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Over the last 12 years, Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc. has maintained an impressive 90% success rate in passing hard to win bond measures. Last November, CFW went 3 for 3 in passing a General Obligation Bond measure, a parcel tax measure at two-thirds approval and assisted in the reorganization effort of the newly organized Wiseburn USD.

Given our experience and expertise in running elections in rural, urban and suburban communities, we know that every community is unique. We have a proven track record in passing bonds, both at the two-thirds approval level and 55% because CFW takes a holistic approach in meeting your district’s needs.  It’s important to remember that not all voters have daily contact with local schools.  Parents usually make up less than 20% of the electorate and many voters simple do not know why good schools will impact them if they do not have kids in school. That is why it is important to strategically plan and listen to the needs of all constituents throughout the District and then present a program that voters will accept at the ballot box.

Starting with the end in mind is important in your  planning processes. Long gone are the days when districts could just call for a bond election and win without facing any public scrutiny.  Given recent headlines in the news and recent bond reform measures, it is critical that district’s plan accordingly before the Board takes action to call an election.

Common sense and research will tell you that new facilities do help improve student achievement.  However, now more than ever, we need to be intentional about how the district’s educational planning and Common Core standards interact with facilities.  Voters want to know how investments in educational outcomes are linked to facility improvements.  This is why, we recommend an integrated planning approach to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  Is now the best time for your District to pursue a bond?  Let us help guide your discussion with your community stakeholders.  For more information, contact Abel Guillen at

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November 2014 Statewide Facilities Bond Measure Update

CFW has been in close contact with staff at the State Allocation Board (SAB) and the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) to track the development of the Statewide Bond Legislation.  Draft language was reviewed at the January 22 SAB meeting, and is targeting final approval of the bond legislation by late March 2014. The January 22 SAB meeting included a public hearing for input on the draft, and will be followed by a 30-60 day public comment period to obtain additional feedback on the proposed Bond program.

The program appears to offer several benefits to School Districts with need. The following is a brief overview of the more critical recommendations:

1. All school districts should be required to re-establish their new construction eligibility baseline in order to be eligible to receive funding under the new bond. Districts would be required to provide current information to OPSC confirming classroom inventory. It is likely that districts will be unable to claim additional dwelling units based on tract maps which have yet to obtain development approvals.

 2. New construction grants may not be used for the purpose of constructing portable classrooms. Districts will now be prohibited from utilizing New Construction Grants to construct portable school facilities. Previously, districts were able to use state funds to construct portable facilities with only a 20-yr expected life, which created a drain on Modernization and Deferred Maintenance funds at the State.

3. All school districts should be required to re-establish their modernization eligibility baseline at each site in order to be eligible to receive funding under a new bond. Under the previous program, the modernization eligibility was not required to be updated periodically, and in many cases eligibility numbers on file were more than ten years old and likely to be inaccurate. Districts in the state will now be required to update all their classroom eligibility prior to being eligible for modernization funds.

4. The use of modernization grants should be limited to permanent facilities projects. This recommendation requires that all modernization monies be used to modernize permanent facilities, or to build new facilities. Funds could still be used to build new structures, or to modernize existing permanent facilities.

5. Consider changing the criteria for the financial hardship program by increasing the bond indebtedness level from 60% to 100%. The District’s eligibility for the Hardship Program in the past was linked to their having issued debt that met or exceeded 60% of the “Assessed Valuation” of all real property within the District boundaries. Districts would now be required to have issued debt in excess of 100% of the assessed valuation in order to qualify.

As these legislative efforts continue to develop, CFW will provide regular reports to our clients regarding the status of the initiative, and how the new program will impact your local district.

For more information, contact Greg Norman at



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AB1045 Seeks to Restrict School District Access to Local Funds

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2010 Holiday Highlights Video

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CFW Participates in 22% of All California School Bond Measures Approved on Tuesday

Election Results Demonstrate CFW’s Winning Approach in Tough Economic Times

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Districts throughout the State Achieve Success on June 8, 2010

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