Piner-Olivet Union School District

Measure “L” – Improving Piner-Olivet Schools


In 1995, local voters approved a bond measure to improve Piner-Olivet schools. Since then, test scores have increased, and as of June 2009 exceeded State requirements at every elementary school. Schaefer Elementary School and Piner-Olivet Charter School have been named California Distinguished Schools. Over the past fifteen years, efforts to maintain this educational success have continued to benefit the community and receive widespread public support.

Assessment Process

During the summer and fall of 2010, the Piner-Olivet Union School District engaged Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc. to conduct an assessment of existing facilities, to identify estimated costs of required improvements, and to engage school sites in a process to plan and implement the proposed improvements. A school needs assessment and implementation program was completed in an effort to define needed improvements to existing facilities and prioritize projects that will enhance educational opportunities for students. The District’s Mission and Vision Statements were used as the starting point in designing the proposed program.

Site surveys of each of the District’s five schools: Schaefer Elementary, Olivet Elementary, Jack London Elementary, Piner-Olivet Charter, and Northwest Prep identified needs and improvement projects. After reviewing the recommendations of the site surveys, the District conducted a voter survey to determine the community’s support for funding school facility improvements through the sale of General Obligation Bonds. 

Planning for Improvements

The planning process also included the selection of prequalified architectural and lease/lease-back firms. In October 2010, the Board selected Quattrocchi Kwok Architects and TLCD Architecture to provide architectural services. In addition, Blach Construction and Jeff Luchetti Construction were selected as the lease/lease-back firms.

In November 2010, the voters of Piner-Olivet Union School District passed Measure “L” authorizing the sale of $20,000,000 in General Obligation Bonds to be used for technology upgrades, deferred maintenance facility improvements, and solar installations district wide, in accordance with the District’s mission, vision, and priorities.

The goals of the implementation program were developed as a result of the District’s facilities needs coupled with the community’s expectations when they approved the General Obligation bond in November 2010. Proposed improvements will:

  • Support academic achievement
  • Enhance and maintain the sustainability of the General Fund
  • Transform the school sites by improving their appearance and functionality

The School Assessment and Implementation Program provided the District with a complete list of projects supported by Measure “L”. Identified District-wide improvements include the need to improve technology, maintain facilities, reduce annual operating costs, and install solar projects. Additionally, Measure “L” includes various school-specific improvements such as: improved classrooms, roofing, HVAC systems, support facilities, multipurpose rooms and traffic circulation.

Next Steps

The District is currently negotiating agreements with the selected pre-qualified firms and upon Board approval of the se agreements will engage representatives at each school site to develop a comprehensive program consistent with the goals set forth by the bond. Furthermore, the District will select members for a Measure “L” Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee to ensure accountability and maintain confidence in the community.

Schaefer Elementary

  1. Renovate multi-purpose room interiors to support educational needs
  2. Improve student safety at drop off and bus access at front of school
  3. Renovate classrooms and students support facilities to support educational and technology needs
  4. Install photovoltaic solar panel arrays on covered walkways at student drop off
  5. Expand and reconfigure student support facilities to better support educational needs
  6. Improve playfields to meet ADA requirements

Olivet Elementary

  1. Renovate classrooms and student support facilities to meet educational and technology needs
  2. Renovate multi-purpose room and expand kitchen
  3. Improve circulation and safety at pick-up/drop-off locations
  4. Install covered walkways
  5. Install solar arrays to reduce utility expenses

Northwest Prep

  1. Improve student safety at and pick-up/drop-off areas
  2. Renovate multi-purpose room interiors to support educational needs
  3. Furnish and install new HVAC systems
  4. Modernize classrooms and support facilities for high school use
  5. Install photovoltaic solar panel arrays on shelter walkways and at parking areas
  6. Install covered walkways for students protection during inclement weather

Jack London Elementary/Piner-Olivet Charter

  1. Construct five classrooms to address enrollment growth
  2. Reconfigure library and computer labs to effectively use both facilities and prevent disruptions to the academic functions
  3. Reconfigure student support facilities to more efficiently assist students at each school
  4. Add covered walkways to shield students from inclement weather and install solar arrays to serve as protective devices at drop-off areas
  5. Install solar arrays and provide student covered areas at drop-off locations