Calistoga Jt. Unified School District

Ready to Implement Facilities Master Plan


In 2009, the Calistoga Jt. Unified School District (District) engaged in an extensive community planning process identifying the need for a gymnasium/multiuse facility at Calistoga Junior/Senior High School. In February 2010, the District initiated a planning process to review the District’s mission and strategic goals to better utilize existing and future funding sources and optimize the success of the District.

A Facilities Committee, consisting of school and community representatives was established to:

  • Review the District’s mission, vision, objectives and goals to better utilize existing and future funding sources and optimize the success of the District
  • Review the existing Facilities Plan, Capital Program, budget, and Strategic Plan
  • Identify what has been achieved, what remains, and develop priorities

A Facilities Master Plan was prepared to assess the District’s current and future needs by identifying and analyzing the major factors that are expected to affect the District’s future land use and facilities needs over time.

The planning process also included extensive input from the school community, such as teachers, staff, parents, and students from both the Calistoga Elementary School and Calistoga Junior/Senior High School. Meetings were also held with the District’s Strategic Planning Committee and the Calistoga business community.

Based on school and community input, the Facilities Master Plan established recommended priorities consistent with the District’s mission and strategic goals to guide the implementation of construction projects and examined options and funding strategies.

Construction Program

In August 2010, the Board of Trustees adopted priorities and established a phasing plan for the projects identified in the Facilities Master Plan. In November 2010, Measure “A”, a $42 million General Obligation (G.0.) Bond, was approved by voters to fund the needed improvements. Identified Measure “A” improvements include the need to renovate and improve Calistoga schools, including improved libraries, classrooms, roofing, HVAC, technology, a new gym and cafeteria, and solar energy systems.

Calistoga Elementary School

Proposed Master Plan Projects

  1. Upgrade multipurpose room/kitchen
  2. Dedicate space for language, enrichment, and day care
  3. Create dedicated arts/music classrooms
  4. Improve/expand library
  5. Improve classroom technology
  6. Relocate computer lab
  7. Improve student access to science
  8. Improve campus parking and traffic
  9. Upgrade fire alarm system and provide renewable energy improvements
  10. Upgrade roofing on older buildings
  11. Upgrade school office

Calistoga Junior/Senior High School

Proposed Master Plan Projects

  1. Modernize permanent modular classrooms 21-27
  2. Modernize and reconfigure library—construct new computer lab
  3. Upgrade campus-wide technology and provide renewable energy improvements
  4. Modernize science labs, drama, and art classrooms
  5. Provide a language lab
  6. Construct a new gymnasium for high school students
  7. Modernize existing gymnasium for junior high school students
  8. Construct a new dining/multi-use facility
  9. Construct new irrigation and drainage systems at the athletic fields
  10. Reconfigure athletic fields
  11. Provide a dedicated performing arts facility

Phase I Progress

The District’s construction program is now underway. The District conducted a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process resulting in the selection of two prequalified construction firms and two prequalified architectural firms. The Board will meet in January 2011 to select the preferred construction delivery method and will select construction team members at a subsequent meeting to implement Phase I of the construction program.

Phase I of the construction program will include:

  • Calistoga Elementary School
    • Multi-media center at existing library, modernize existing rooms 7-12 to accommodate science, language, computer labs, art, music, and other instructional uses
    • Technology Infrastructure/Equipment/Renewable Energy
  • Calistoga Junior/Senior High School
    • New Dining/Multipurpose
    • New Gym
    • Technology Infrastructure/Equipment/Renewable Energy
Community Outreach & Accountability

The District’s Facilities Committee will continue to meet periodically to provide ongoing input throughout the process. The District is committed to maintaining the community’s confidence by establishing a Measure “A” Citizens’ Oversight Committee, comprised of local citizens and taxpayers. The committee will be established to monitor all bond measure projects and expenditures, provide proper oversight, controls, and accountability to ensure that bond measure funds are used as they were intended, and make regular reports to the community on the progress of the bond measure projects.