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$250,000 in Scholarships

At CFW, we recognize the uniqueness of our profession and the benefits that accrue to us as individuals and as a company.  After 25 years of service, we catch ourselves being extremely proud as we drive through a busy city intersection, a fertile valley, or mountain community and recognize one of the 1000 of schools we have helped construct or modernize.  It is at those times that we especially recognize how fortunate we have been and the need to celebrate the act of giving back.

The CFW Foundation was established by Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc. to provide scholarships to graduating California public high school seniors.  The scholarship program provides opportunities for graduating students to apply for assistance to attend four year colleges, technical schools, and community colleges that provide programs in their area of interest.   Our program is focused on those students who have overcome challenges and wish to continue their education or training after high school.

Our goal is to grant $250,000 in scholarships over a five year period.  As we complete our fourth year, we have already allocated over $200,000 to our clients’ students.  Our recipients continue to inspire us; they have come through many challenges before they reach our door.  At CFW, we believe all children have the right to succeed and as such, we support all applicants that will graduate regardless of professional, career tech, or vocational calling.    They do not need to have a 4.3 grade point average to receive our support, just a demonstrated will to succeed.

The CFW Foundation is proud to announce that we are currently supporting over 90 students in their endeavors statewide.  Scholarship awards ranged from $1,000 – $5,000 per student and are typically announced in the Fall of a senior’s graduating year. Potential nominees must be recommeneded by the district superintendent.

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For more information please contact:

Barbara Renteria
CEO, CFW Foundation
6425 Christie Ave. Suite 270
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 596-8170