Contracts Awarded

Project Awarded To Contract Status
Swimming Pool Renovations TSI Tenant Space 295,576.78 Complete
Roofing Project Best Roofing 1,446,667 Complete
Parking Lot I (Sports Field Relocation) Granite Construction 741,172 Complete
Lighting, North Parking Lot Supreme Electric 117,000 Complete
All Weather Track Byrom-Davey, Inc. 389,637 Complete
Earthwork – Science Building Roadbuilders 510,000 Complete
Fire Alarm Improvements Five Star Electric 117,000 Complete
Primary Electrical Service Tom Watson Inc. 269,483 Complete
Sewer Lift Station Pyramid Construction 412,000 Complete
  Total 7,559,885  
Building 2700 – “Science” Building      
Site Earthwork Masters Construction 554,350 Complete
Landscape Executive Landscape 541,230 Complete
Building Concrete DEZ Construction 1,590,000 Complete
Site Concrete DEZ Construction 1,209,799 Complete
Masonry Haxton Masonry 2,388,000 Compete
Structural & Misc. Steel Trade Mark Construction 1,973,583 Complete
Casework & Finish Carpentry ISEC 1,327,157 Complete
PVC Membrane Roofing Roof Construction 291,000 Complete
Sheet Metal & Skylights Challenger Sheet Metal 738,846 Complete
Doors & Frames Johnson Barnes Finch 437,232 Complete
Storefronts & Glazing Whitehead, Roy 450,000 Complete
Framing & Finishes Trade Mark Construction 3,507,393 Complete
Acoustical Ceilings Standard Drywall, Inc. 769,816 Complete
Carpet and VCT Flooring Gordon’s Carpet One 297,485 Complete
Ceramic & Stone Tile Continental Marble & Tile 532,125 Complete
Painting Simmons & Wood, Inc. 133,547 Complete
Misc. Specialties Shelburne Services 551,183 Complete
Lab Equipment ISEC 167,658 Complete
Elevators Shelburne Services 137,665 Complete
Plumbing Interpipe 1,675,125 Complete
HVAC R&K Air Conditioning 2,629,901 Complete
Electrical Neal Electric 2,489,518 Complete
Communications Teledata 785,933 Complete
Fire Sprinklers United Automatic 261,031 Complete
Planetarium Spitz, Inc. 414,718 Complete
Final Clean-up Shelburne Services 79,477 Complete
  Total 25,933,744  
Parking Lot Phase III      
Grading & Paving R.E. Hazard Construction 2,732,000 Complete
Electrical Neal Electric 383,514 Compete
  Total 3,115,514  
IVC Bus Transfer Terminal Improvements      
Demolition, Grading, Paving Pyramid Construction 502,852 Complete
Structural & Site Concrete Team C Construction 684,687 Compete
Structural & Misc. Steel Trade Mark Construction 194,907 Complete
Masonry, Framing, Roofing, Finishes DEZ Construction 203,699 Complete
Plumbing & Fixtures Jim O’Malley Plumbing 27,023 Complete
Electrical & Fixtures Supreme Electric 280,351 Complete
Landscape & Irrigation Executive Landscape 443,946 Complete
  Total 2,337,465  
Relocatable Row      
Site Grading & Concrete Team C Construction 35,200 Complete
Plumbing Jim O’Malley Plumbing 38,538 Complete
Electrical, Fire Alarm, Communications D.W. Hibbert Electric 241,912 Complete
Landscape & Irrigation Executive Landscape 388,753 Complete
  Total 826,453  
Career Technical Education Facilities      
Survey & Staking Sanders, Inc. Architecture/Enginnering  32,320  Underway
Site Grading/Selective Site Demo  Masters Construction  210,000  Underway 
Site Utilities  Radco  249,000  Complete 
Building Concrete  Madriaga Construction Services, Inc. dba: A M Desert Storm Concrete  1,117,200  Underway 
Site Concrete Work  Madriaga Construction Services, Inc. dba: A M Desert Storm Concrete    694,722 Awarded 
Asphalt Paving; Traffic Markings; Signage  Masters Construction  88,000  Awarded 
Chain Link Fencing/Gates All Valley Fence 36,818 Awarded
Masonry Haxton Masonry, Inc. 2,085,000 Underway
Structural/Miscellaneous Steel/Metal Decking E.W. Corporation 1,329,700 Underway
Casework/Finish Carpentry Roy E. Whitehead, Inc. 111,000 Underway
PVC Membrane Roofing Chambers, Inc. dba: Roof Construction 504,714 Underway
Sheet Metal/Skylights Challenger Sheet Metal, Inc. 455,000 Awarded
H.M. Doors; Frames; Wood Doors; Hardware Johnson, Finch & McClure Construction, Inc. 298,132 Underway
Aluminum Storefronts/Glazing Roy E. Whitehead, Inc. 197,315 Underway
Metal Framing; Gypsum Board;Taping;Insulation Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 761,250 Awarded
Acoustical Ceilings Standard Drywall, Inc. 62,000 Awarded
Carpet; VCT Flooring; Blinds  Gordon’s Carpet One  109,540  Awarded 
Ceramic and Stone Tile  Howard’s Rug Co. of San Diego, Inc. 266,192   Awarded
Painting and Sealers  Simmons & Wood, Inc.  167,659  Awarded 
Miscellaneous Specialities & Equipment  Southwest Specialities, Inc.  145,000  Awarded 
Fire Sprinklers  Industrial Fire Sprinklers Co., Inc.  154,000  Underway 
Plumbing  Original Sid Blackman Plumbing, Inc.  876,484  Underway 
HVAC & Controls  IV Mechanical Inc. dba: R&K AC  2,127,304  Underway 
Electrical; Fire Alarm; Access Control Five Star Electric 2,163,000 Underway
Data; Communications;Cabling, A.V. Equipment Tom Watson, Inc. 913,000 Awarded
Landscape/Irrigation; Site Furnishings Sun Landscape, Inc. 173,607 Awarded
Final Building Cleaning Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 48,174 Awarded
  Total 15,376,131  
900 Building Modernization      
Abatement-Hazardous Materials Remediation Watkins Environment 19,435 Awarded
Selective Demoliton Work, Site & Building Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 124,381 Awarded
Structural STeel, Misc. Metals, Ladders Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 14,793 Awarded
Concrete (Bldg & Site) and Unit Masonry Team C Construction 94,700 Awarded
PVC Membrane Roofing, Sheet Metal, Accessories Commerical & Industrical Roofing 40,850 Awarded
Doors, Windows, Hardware, Accessories, Specialties Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 187,849 Awarded
Rough Carpentry, Metal Framing, Finishes, Ceilings Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 298,000 Awarded
Floor Finishes, Ceramic Tile, Blinds Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 90,516 Awarded
Casework and Finish Carpentry Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 81,756 Awarded
Plumbing The Original Sid Blackman Plumbing 39,802 Awarded
HVAC & Controls R&K AC 230,000 Awarded
Electrical, Fire Alarm, Card Access & Clocks Supreme Electrical 559,900 Awarded
Communication, Data, AV Equipment Supreme Electrical 275,662 Awarded
  Total 2,057,644  
400 Building Modernization      
Abatement-Hazardous Materials Remediation Nexon Corp. 68,358 Complete
Selective & Structural Demolition Trade Mark Construction, Inc. 248,188 Complete
Steel/Metal Fabrication, Roof Services AEL Construction, Inc. 238,638 Complete
Structural Concrete/Unit Masonry Team C Construction 405,700 Complete
PVC Membrane Roofing, Sheet metal & Skylights C&I Roofing 219,744 Complete
Doors, Windows, Hardware, Accessories Roy E. Whitehead, Inc. 204,335 Complete
Metal Framing, Finishes, Ceilings Trade Mark Construction 301,354 Complete
Floor Finishes, Ceramic Tile, Blinds Gordon’s Carpet One 115,000 Complete
Casework and Finish Carpentry Roy E. Whitehead, Inc. 74,805 Complete
Plumbing Original Sid Blackman Plumbing 377,000 Complete
HVAC R&K Air Conditioning 684,929 Complete
Electrical, Fire Alarm, Clocks Tom Watson Electrical 875,682 Complete
Communication, Data, AV Equipment Tom Watson Electrical 399,000 Complete
Landscape and Irrigation Sun Landscape 208,453 Complete
  Total 4,421,186  

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