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Oxnard, CA — For many of our clients, 2013 was a pioneering year in the planning and envisioning of school facilities. For the Oxnard School District in Ventura County we developed an innovative 22nd century approach to classroom design.

That’s right – learning environments planned, designed, and built not with a 1990’s view of the 21st century, but with a view toward the needs and educational demands of students that will eventually live as citizens in a 22nd century world. Instead of painted wall surfaces, our planners deployed solutions that allow every wall, floor to ceiling, to be a markeable, writable, and interactive instructional space.

Harrington 2

Plans for Harrington Elementary  School, Oxnard, CA

We researched and replaced 20 year old solutions like Smart Boards with new technologies that effectively pair with digital textbooks and will more efficiently equip our teachers and students for the next 20 years.

At the La Habra City School District in Orange County we helped plan and transform local middle schools into academies of the arts and sciences.  Moreover, we reimagined and rediscovered the role of classroom furnishings, finding solutions that not only are more effective for maintenance and operations, but provide students with ergonomic advantages proven by recent research to have a substantive impact on attention span, concentration, and creativity – all welcome improvements for implementing the Common Core.

And now in Los Angeles County our planning division has been tasked by the Inglewood Unified School District to conduct a multi-layered facilities analysis that will examine data on school site capacity, bond project funding, State aid, and local mitigation agreements to construct a facilities priority matrix.  This innovative visual tool will allow local policymakers to consider various strategic approaches for improving school facilities and planning capital expenditures.  Plus, as an easy-to-understand graphic aid, the final “heat-map” will boil down the most complex financial and demographic interrelationships into the most fundamental and tangible solutions.

Still, many of our clients have not yet had an opportunity to utilize CFW’s team of forward-thinking school planning professionals.  Your district may be facing its own set of unique planning challenges, and our Planning Division is here to help craft solutions specifically designed to address them.  Contact Jeremy Cogan at 510-596-8180 to tell us about your facilities and technology planning challenges and we will be happy to share appropriate planning services to meet your needs.

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