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AB1045 Seeks to Restrict School District Access to Local Funds

The ability for local school districts to raise funds through local measures is in jeopardy.  Last week, the Assembly approved AB 1045 (Norby), and the bill now moves to the Senate Finance and Governance Committee.

AB 1045 negatively impacts the ability of school districts to pass local funding measures such as bonds or parcel tax measures. Last year, the education coalition, including ACSA, SSDA, CSBA and the League of California Community College’s was successful in defeating the substantially similar Senate Bill 623 (Ashburn).  We encourage you to submit a letter in opposition to AB 1045 because it eliminates options for Local Education Agencies. Your letters of opposition to SB 623 made an impact last year. A similar effort is needed to defeat AB 1045.

AB 1045 would unfairly restrict school districts from using multi-disciplinary firms like Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc. to assist in providing financial advisory services as well as election services to independent campaign committees in support of bond measures or parcel taxes.  We are writing to ask you to join the Small School Districts’ Association (SSDA), the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) and other school districts in opposition to AB 1045.

With California’s current budget crisis, we strongly believe that school districts need to have more choices and fewer restrictions.  In addition, current laws already prohibit public funds from being used for campaign purposes.

Below, please find links to a sample letter of opposition to AB 1045 as well as a fact sheet.  Please review the documents and consider submitting a letter of opposition to this bill.  Letters should be addressed to Senator Lois Wolk, Chair of the Governance and Finance Committee. In addition, the current Senate Governance and Finance Member Roster is included. If you decide to voice your opposition to AB 1045, please make sure to send CFW a PDF copy of your letter and we will make sure to copy ACSA and SSDA.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at (510) 596-8180 or aguillen@cfwinc.com.

AB1045 Fact Sheet
Governance & Finance Committee Members AB1045 Opposition Letter

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