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Next Generation Technology Briefing

On December 21st, Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc., convened a technology briefing and discussion for its clients in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties.  Superintendents and technology administrators gathered to learn how:

  • Traditional printed textbooks can be replaced with interactive digital books – and placed in the hand of every single student – for as little as $150-$300 each
  • Classrooms can utilize eBeam projector technology to engage students with vivid images, video and audio, in lieu of older, more expensive smartboards
  • Districts can cut the tremendous costs of classroom connectivity by jumping ahead to much more affordable and flexible wireless technologies
  • Going digital can open access to a wider range of state-approved electronic textbooks, customized to every student’s learning needs, versus being limited to only one textbook choice per subject

As presented by Dr. Rick Miller, Superintendent of Riverside Unified School District (ADA: 42,000) and a noted leader on these technologies, the choice of a particular device is not important as long as the impact on learning is transformative and the implementation strategy is well coordinated.  “Rather than attempting to ‘push’ new technology to those who might resist it, our success comes from offering new digital resources to those ready and willing to take the lead – the result has been to ‘pull’ in teachers and principals as pioneers of this next wave in technology, attracting further interest and motivation from others in the process,” Dr. Miller explained.  Dr. Miller has implemented the digital textbook, eBeam and platform agnostic tools to over 6,000 students to date, with many more signing up monthly.

The wide ranging discussion covered technology modernization strategies, cost estimates, acceptable use policies, training suggestions, and recommended resources.  CFW is continuing to organize similar briefings in other locations throughout the State that may be interested.  To find out how your district can be a part, please contact Jeremy Cogan at (510) 596-8170.

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